churchill playing cards and cigar united states uk c 1955 to c 1960

Churchill Playing Cards and Cigar (United States UK c. 1955 to c. 1960)


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A rare and unusual keepsake, given by Sir Winston, to his faithful butler, Bentley.
Inclosed within a faux blue leather US made, Bridge cards case. A rare pack of Playing Cards commissioned for Winston Churchill by his friend Bernard Baruch, in the original box. Bernard Baruch had these special playing cards made for Churchill with his signature. Winston S. Churchill, diagonally across the back of each card and also on the protective case. These are high quality cards made by U.S. Playing Card Co., the edges with black boarders, and coated in silver. 606 Congress. Two jokers per deck for a total of 108 cards. In addition, twin packs of John Waddington Ltd playing cards. Depicting No10 Downing St & White House Washington Dc. Given by Winston Churchill, together with an unsmoked Cuban cigar, to Mr Bentley, Sir Winston's butler, at Hyde park Gate. A photograph shows Sir Winston leaving Hyde Park Gate, with Mr Bentley in the foreground, to the right of the photo.
Bernard Mannes Baruch. August 19, 1870 – June 20, 1965) was an American financier, stock investor, philanthropist, statesman, and political consultant. After his success in business, he devoted his time toward advising U.S. Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt on economic matters, and became a philanthropist. Baruch, was Winston Churchill’s greatest American friend. Referring to the various problems besetting the international scene, Churchill once told Baruch, “if only they would let you run the economics and me the politics, we would soon have this straightened out.”
The cigar and cards were given to the owners uncle who was good friends with Mr Bentley, sir Winston Churchill's butler.


Height = 7 cm (3")
Width = 20 cm (8")
Depth = 11 cm (5")

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