winston churchill smoked cigar cuba c 1943

Winston Churchill Smoked Cigar (Cuba c. 1943)


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Chief Steward Petty Officer Leslie Anderson, had looked after Sir Winston, during his stay aboard HMS Cumberland. So impressed with Anderson, Churchill offered him a job at Downing Street, after his service, with the Royal Navy, in 1945. Anderson subsequently worked within the Downing Street staff, for six years.
During his service in the Royal Navy, Anderson was sent out to Churchill's Villa at Casablanca, at short notice, where he organised the household on the occasion of the ten day Allied leaders conference, including the US President Roosevelt in 1943. A letter of provenance from Commander Thompson, personal assistant to the Prime minister, congratulates all those concerned, including Anderson, for their efforts. A second personal letter to Anderson, dated 16th Feb 1943, upon Downing Street headed note paper, and hand written by Thompson, thanks Anderson for his accounts and service, asking for the names responsible for for making Churchill stay go so smoothly. Included, is a fascinating personal Certificate of Service record, for Anderson from 1920, until 1945.
This partly smoked cigar was kept as a memento by Anderson of Churchill's visit. Two original press photos shows Churchill, Roosevelt, and Chiang kai-shek sitting together chatting, on the lawn, in front of the villa at Casablanca, 1943. The second photo shows the three leaders, accompanied by various officials. Churchill can be seen with his customary cigar in hand.
Letter reads;
Dear Anderson,
Thank you for the accounts which you sent today. As far as I can see they are quite clean and there will be no need to trouble you to come up, unless the treasury people want more details. If you have them with you please let me have the names, initials, and if possible the official numbers and depots of the cooks and stewards in the Villa at Amfar. I was sorry not to have seen you before you left, but you had gone into town, I believe. Any way I can now thank you for the excellent work you did and shall hope to see you again sometime.
Sincerely, C R Thompson.
Commander CR Thompson, Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister.
Decedents from the Anderson family. Two letters of provenance, and Certificate of Naval Service.


Height = 12 cm (5")
Width = 2 cm (1")
Depth = 2 cm (1")

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