important churchill sculpture england c 1971

Important Churchill Sculpture (England c. 1971)


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OSCAR NEMON (c.1906-c.1985)
15.50inch wide 10.50inch high 15.50inch deep
(39.37 cm wide 26.67 cm high 39.37 cm deep)
After Sir Winston Churchill's death in 1965, the people of Westerham decided to commemorate the great man, by commissioning a bronze statue, to be placed upon the Green. A local resident and High Sherif of Kent, Capt Robert [Bobby] Evans, chaired a committee, made up of other local dignitaries, to commission the renowed artist Oscar Nemon, to undertake the work. The proposed sculpture, soon attracted world wide interest, with an offer from the Norwegian government, to provide the granite plinth, as a contribution. The design of the statue, would be in the hands of the local committee, and Capt Evans. Over a year, sketches were produced, and six marquettes were sculptured by the artist Nemon, as work in progress, so details could be decided upon.
This marquette, was the final work by Nemon for the commission, and shows the double statue, of Sir Winston , and Lady Churchill, which can be seen in cast bronze, and full size at Chartwell. The statue initialled “Married love" enjoyed wide critical acclaim, and made Nemon’s name as a sculptor. The statue, soon became an iconic image of Churchill. Another permanent statue, was dedicated on the Country Club Plaza in 1984. Kansas City, USA. Nemon also created a smaller version of this statue at Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England where Churchill was born and married.
This rare Marquette comes with a personal letter of provenance from the artist Nemon, to the chairman of the commissioning committee, discussing details of the finish, intended for the bronze. An interesting recording of the unveiling ceremony is also included.
Excellent, with natural patination


Height = 26.67 cm (11")
Width = 39.37 cm (16")
Depth = 39.37 cm (16")

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